AR Lifestyle: Go Barefoot!

Posted on May 03, 2016 by Alexandra Rose | 0 Comments

Now that the weather is consistently warm, children will be zipping in and out of the house faster than you can say, "Put your shoes on!" Or, "Take your shoes off!" Instead of many wasted hours of keeping track of shoes, simply suggest they go barefoot!

Benefits of walking barefoot are often overlooked. As adults, rarely do we think to take your shoes off and go for a stroll in the park as a part of our daily routine. But walking barefoot is like taking time out to get a massage, only for your feet.  It’s an automatic and powerful stress reliever.  The bottoms of your feet contain thousands of nerves, absorbing everything they touch and sending signals throughout your entire body. This is why the recommended use for essential oils is through applying them to the bottoms of your feet. In short, when stuff touches your feet, it touches your whole body.   

When your babies start walking, pediatricians insist that wearing shoes too often is harmful for their development. The muscles in your legs, the arch of your foot, and your body posture all need barefoot walking in order stay strong. This is also true for adults.

Barefoot walking not only has physical benefits but carries emotional benefits as well.  Looking back as an adult, many cherished childhood memories probably included walking barefoot. Not caring what was being played, so long as it didn't require shoes. Being barefoot, makes your environment feel alive.  It causes you to walk more carefully and pay closer attention to every step.  By feeling the surface of the ground beneath your feet, you become more aware of your surroundings. The sense of wonder permeates down to your toes and brings curiosity to life.

It’s seems simple and too easy but that ’s because it is. And the payoff is tremendous. If you're worried about the mess, leave a pan of warm soapy water and a towel by the backdoor so that the kids can clean their feet independently before they come in the house.

Just tell the kids (and yourself) to ditch the shoes this summer and go barefoot!

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