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Life with a newborn is rough y’all...a mix of the most perfect cuddles, sweetest baby smell & so much precious goodness all mixed with sleepless nights, unwashed hair and not enough coffee or arms to do ALL THE THINGS. BUT, after 10 weeks of settling in with my third baby, I can completely vouch that these products have made the transition into newborn-hood and a family of 5 so much easier!!

1.  When I was looking for a diaper bag, one that converted from a messenger style bag to a backpack was a MUST, and choosing Fawn Design was a no brainer! Between baby wearing and being out and about with 3 kids at once, having both of my hands readily available is a necessity. I have absolutely loved using this bag, and even used it as a purse before Hendrix made his debut. There is plenty of room with lots of interior and exterior pockets, it’s easy to wipe clean and it is SO well made. If you’re splurging on one item for yourself, let this be it. The hardest part will be choosing which color!!

2.  We’re all for swaddling, and I love these soft, muslin blankets by Little Unicorn! They are big enough for a good tight swaddle, plus they’re light and breathable which is perfect year round, but especially with having a summer babe. Also, have you seen the array of prints they come in?! So much fun!!

3. Even though it’s wonderful to have the ability to lay my baby down, baby wearing is something I love and is such a sweet and special bonding time. Our Solly Baby Wrap is a necessity - especially with a summer baby! The fabric is soft, stretchy and so lightweight that I have not minded wearing Hendrix at all, even throughout these hottest months. It’s so nice being able to have both hands free to make dinner, play with my older kids, get out for walks, or heck - go to the bathroom.

4.  The Dock a tot just looks like a dream and I knew from the moment I was expecting that we needed one, and I was SO right! I love that baby feels nice and cozy and that it’s portable so I can move it to any room in the house! I didn’t use it the first week Hendrix was born, but once I did, he started taking 4 hour naps. FOUR hours people! We also started using it for nighttime sleep at 2 weeks and he has consistently been giving us 6-8 hour stretches of sleep since then - I’s almost too good to be true!!

5. Our Puj Tub has been a lifesaver!! We’ve moved twice (yes TWO times) since having Hendrix and it’s been so nice to have a lightweight, easy to store tub to take with us!! I’m currently using the Puj Flyte which is the smaller, travel version of their full size tub. It’s been absolutely perfect for using in our bathroom sink and it cradles Hendrix perfectly so there’s no slipping around - are wet babies seriously not the most slippery little suckers ever?!

6. Our Plum & Sparrow moses basket is nothing short of gorgeous, and we are actually stuffing our Dock A Tot inside of it for nighttime! Once Hendrix fills out the basket a bit more, we’ll take the Dock A Tot out. We also take our basket in the yard while the big boys play, and on the patio while we eat dinner! It’s so nice having a portable bed and being able to take Hendrix everywhere we are!

7. Toting around a burp cloth has become quite normal, and I have to say that our Oversized Burp Cloths have come in so handy! They are large, thick and crazy absorbent, and perfect for wiping up drool or any other dribbly mess. We’ve also used them as a lap blanket while Hendrix is in the carseat, a tummytime mat and also as a changing pad in a pinch! Gotta love a product that’s multifunctional!

8.   Neither of my older two boys were ‘swing’ babies, and I found myself never being able to set them down which can be exhausting and definitely isn’t practical when you have other kids to take care of.  I have to admit, I was hesitant to try out the MamaRoo, but I swear this thing is magic! Hendrix will happily nap there for several hours, and has recently become interested in the black and white mobile that hangs above. The movements are so similar to the type of swaying I do when I hold him that I really do think he feels like his being cradled! The white noise feature is a must in a noisy house with two big brothers, plus, I love the modern minimalist look...if baby gear is going to be scattered around my house, it may as well look beautiful, right?!

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